• Import/Export 3D-MC files
  • Import/Export road alignments
  • Projection, datum, and geoid Support
  • Merge TIN surfaces
  • Cut/ Fill color mapping and volume calculation
  • Sitelink3D remote connect/file transfer/messaging

The contractor's secret for managing 3D job files

With 3D Office you can create, edit, import/export, design, and prepare 3D job files for any job site. Many of these files can be exported to the 3D-MC control box and Pocket 3D for immediate use in the field. Then work with file updates from the field, so you can track progress precisely.

Final design files are never final

It's a rare job that reaches completion with no changes or adjustments. 3D Office gives you the ability to manage the whole data flow of the job, from beginning to end. There are updates, there are as-builts, and it never stops. With 3D Office, you can import, convert and export file formats to support your 3D-MC and GNSS rover systems in the field, so everyone is always working in the current design.


By adding the Sitelink3D module to 3D Office, you can remote connect to your 3D-MC machine control or Pocket 3D survey system ... easy to change settings, update software and firmware versions or for your Topcon dealer to troubleshoot possible problems. You can update machines and survey rovers with latest job files or even send files when machines are not online. And there's no need to travel to a job site with a USB key.

  • 1.Import/Export 3D-MC files
  • 2.Import/Export road alignments
  • 3.Projection, datum, and geoid Support
  • 4.Merge TIN surfaces
  • 5.Cut/ Fill color mapping and volume calculation
  • 6.Sitelink3D remote connect/file transfer/messaging

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