Buy Nikon Surveying Instruments From Rise Geo

Nikon is a multinational corporation based in Japan. Known for manufacturing optics and imaging products, it was established in 1917 and has been one of the leading fabricators of optical lenses used in cameras, binoculars, and inspection equipment. Nikon’s surveying sector has merged with Trimble in the distribution of high-quality optical instruments.

Surveying Equipment from Nikon is integrated with state-of-the-art parts and features that allow surveyors to do several tasks simultaneously and accurately. They specialize in various surveying equipment that focuses on imaging and optics including Total Stations and Theodolites, Automatic Levels, Range Finders and Accessories. Nikon uses the most up to date technology to measure direct, horizontal, and slope distances, as well as missing lines, height, and angles.rise geo is pleased to offer dependable surveying equipment by Nikon. Nikon products provide top-class quality to help in the development of many industries. If you need more information about Nikon items, please contact our knowledgeable customer representatives.