The FISCHERSCOPE® HM2000 S is a cost-effective, entry-level device, which allows quickly and easily to check the mechanical and elastic properties of surface layers, usually without any sample preparation at all. Simply place the sample on the measuring head, clamp down the support stand, and you’re ready to go. 

Instrumented indentation testing determines parameters such as the Martens and Vickers hardness, elasticity, and creep behavior of various types of surface treatments. 

  • Determination of Martens and Vickers hardness, elasticity and creep behavior according to DIN EN ISO 14577 and ASTM E 2546 
  • Dynamic measurement mode for the determination of additional elasticity parameters such as storage and loss moduli (dynamic mechanical analysis)
  • Determination of parameters, e.g. depth-dependent indentation hardness with ESP (Enhanced Stiffness Procedure)
  • Suitable for testing solid materials and coatings > 1 µm, test-force range 0.1 – 2000 mN 
  • Indenter shapes: Vickers, Berkovich, carbide ball, Knoop, or customized indenters
  • Thermally stable: Can measure at constant temperatures for several hours
  • Powerful WIN-HCU software for intuitive operation and evaluation
  • Natural stone base with rubber dampers to reduce vibrations
  • Can be upgraded to the automated variant, HM2000

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