The Novo-Gloss 20/60/85° gloss meter is designed to meet the measurement criteria for most gloss measuring applications.

Measured parameters:

Gloss measurement for all surface finishes:

  • 20? - High gloss
  • 60? - Medium gloss
  • 85? - Low gloss
  • Haze measurement to ASTM E430

Reflectance haze measurement with compensation mode to provide consistent readings of metallics and specialty pigments

  • Fast measurement, single button push measures all parameters
  • On-board statistics with graphical trend analysis and reporting
  • Automatic calibration with tile validation
  • Date and time-stamped results
  • Easy Batching - User definable batch names and batch sizes for quicker and more efficient reporting
  • Software-free data transfer
  • Direct data input via Bluetooth - instantly transmit measured readings directly to programs such as Microsoft Excel
  • Auto-ranging measures matt to mirror finishes
  • Pass / fail for easy identification of non-conformances
  • Compatible with all major international standards
  • Extended two-year warranty
  • Lifetime light source guarantee

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