mini prisms held in waterproof aluminum housing by a sturdy aluminum L-bar holder. ... These prisms are perfect for deformation or mining surveys, land surveys, mining, tunneling, rail, monitoring, and other places where a permanent mounting is needed.

L-Bar Copper-Coated Mini Prism


  • 1-inch Copper-Coated Mini Prism
  • Aluminum Housing and L-Bar
  • Up to 2,000' (0.61km) Working Range
  • Accuracy of 5 arc seconds
  • -8.92mm Offset
  • Mountable

L-Bar Copper-Coated Mini Prism

The L-Bar Copper-Coated Mini Prism 720-06 consists of a 1-inch (25.4mm) monitoring prism, held in water proof aluminum housing and by a sturdy aluminum L-bar holder.

With a copper-coated prism made from high quality optical glass, the AdirPro 720-06 mini prism offers a working range of up to 2,000 feet (0.61km), a 8.92 mm offset and accuracy of 5 arc seconds.

A special dirt and condensation-resistant coating keeps the reflective surface clear without regular maintenance and the tight fit of the holder prevents water issues.

Stand the mini-prism on any flat surface for temporary use, or securely attach the L-bar Mini Prism to a wall or structure for long term use, in any weather. This makes it ideal ideal for deformation and mining surveys. Of course, the mini prism can be detached while the L-bar is mounted.

The AdirPro L-Bar Mini Prism weighs 0.45 lbs (0.20 kg) and is 3.5" tall. The L-bar is 0.375 x 3" (10 x 76mm) and has a screw hole 3/8" wide, and a 1/3" hex wrench to adjust the tilt screw.

Buy an AdirPro 720-06 L-Bar Mini Prism for the standards you expect at great value and a 1-year warranty included.

L-Bar Copper-Coated Mini Prism

  • 1-inch Copper-Coated Mini Prism
  • Anodized Aluminum Housing and L-Bar
  • Up to 2,000' (0.61km) Working Range
  • Accuracy of 5 arc seconds
  • -8.92mm Offset Position
  • Mounting Screw Hole 3/8" in Diameter
  • Tilting Screw uses a 1/3 inch Hex Wrench (sold separately)

  • L-Bar Copper-Coated Mini Prism

  •  L-Bar Mini Prism 720-06

L-Bar Copper-Coated Mini Prism


Diameter Of Center Hole1" (25.4 mm)


Offset8.92 mm
Distance2000' (0.61km)

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