1.Intelligent Auto Focus

2.View Finder for Quick Sighting

3.Saving Measurement Time by up to 40%

4.New Super-Invar Staff for 0.2mm Precision

5.Dual-axis Tilt Sensor

6.Up-to-date Data Memory and Interface

The SDL1X is designed to achieve the highest precision and productivity in leveling and height measurement applications. From Intelligent Auto Focus to wireless operation, a number of innovative technologies are implemented for unmatched reliability while eliminating error factors during measurement. The SDL1X sets the ultimate benchmark for the precision digital levels.

Intelligent Auto Focus

- The SDL1X automatically focuses exclusively on the RAB-Code staff.
- This technology completely eliminates false focusing on undesirable objects, enhancing measurement efficiency and reliability.
- Furthermore, Auto Focus eliminates the incomplete focusing that often causes inaccurate measurement with digital levels.

View Finder for Quick Sighting

- Innovative View Finder provides fast, easy and accurate sighting to the staff.
- In combination with Auto Focus, the SDL1X drastically reduces eye fatigue.

Saving Measurement Time by up to 40%

- The combination of advanced "Auto Focus" and "View Finder" dramatically increases measurement speed.
- Measuring time - from sighting staff to completion of data storage - can be reduced by up to 40% compared to manual focus digital levels.

New Super-Invar Staff for 0.2mm Precision

- The SDL1X achieves the highest in precision when combined with the New Super-Invar RAB-Code Staff BIS30A that boasts the industry's lowest linear expansion coefficient ±0.1ppm/°C.
- Ideal for first-order leveling as well as sub-millimeter height and subsidence measurement applications.

Dual-axis Tilt Sensor

- The liquid dual-axis tilt sensor alerts the users by LCD display and beeps when instrument tilt exceeds ±8.5', disabling measurement to avoid misreading..
- The LCD graphic circular level facilitates instrument setup.

Remote Trigger

- The wireless Remote Trigger DLC1 prevents accidental jolts from touching the instrument.

Up-to-date Data Memory and Interface

- 10,000-point internal memory.
USB port and SD card slot for improved usability.

100m (320ft.) Bluetooth® Wireless Modem (Optional)

- License-free Bluetooth® technology enables wireless operation via various devices such as a data collector.

SDL1X Standard

- A simple function model SDL1X Standard is also available


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