Leica GEB242 Battery

AED 1700AED 1200


  • Rechargeable
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • High Capacity: 5800mAh
  • High Output Power: 14.8 V
  • Requires GKL241/GKL311 Charger
  • Works well with the Leica Total Stations TM30/TM50/TS30/TS50 & Scanners C10/P20

GEB242 Li-ion Battery

The GEB242 Li-ion Battery is a powerful battery with a 5800mAh capacity and a high output power of 14.8-volt power. It works well with the Leica Total Stations TM30/TM50/TS30/TS50 & Scanners C10/P20 . It requires GKL241/GKL311 Charger.

  • GEB242 Battery for Leica

  • Li-Ion Battery

  • Rechargeable Battery

  • 14.8 Volts

  • 5800 Capacity

  • Handy & Durable 

  • Works well with Leica TM30/50/TS30/50 Total Stations & Scanners 

  • GEB242 is a replacement model for the discontinued model GEB241 

  • Brand New GEB242 Li-ion Battery 

GEB242 Battery for Leica

Type                     :  Li-Ion Battery 

Output Voltage :  14.8V

Capacity             :  5800mAh

Color                   :  Black

Part Number     : GEB242

Charger Model : GKL241/GKL311

For models        : Leica Total Stations TM30/TM50/TS30/TS50 & Scanners C10/P20 

Return Policy for GEB242 Battery

Return Policy is not applicable for this product, as is our policy for all the accessories. But, We assure you that this product will be delivered to you in a  brand new working condition. We will replace the product at no additional cost, if you receive it in a damaged condition.

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