The SIGMASCOPE® SMP350 measures the electrical conductivity using the phase-sensitive eddy current method, which is approved by both DIN EN 2004-1 and ASTM E 1004 for determining conductivity. This kind of signal evaluation allows for the contact-free determination of a substrate’s electrical conductivity, even under paint or plastic coatings up to 500 ?m thick. This method also marginalizes the influence of surface roughness.

  • User-friendly operating system; large touchscreen and displayable keyboard 
  • Customizable user interface 
  • Straightforward calibration via user prompts 
  • Simple management of measuring applications with user-definable file and folder structure
  • Memory for several thousand measuring applications and several thousand readings
  • Consideration of each material's conductivity related temperature coefficient
  • Automatic measurement acquisition in free-running mode or with external start
  • Graphical presentation of specification limits
  • Extensive statistical evaluation of test series with date/time stamp as well as computation of Cp, Cpk and histogram presentation
  • Manual temperature input
  • Monitoring of temperature changes over time
  • Calibration fine-tuning for instrument calibration with up to 4 standards
  • Acoustic signal for measurement acquisition and violation of specification limits; can be turned on/off
  • Various languages available

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