Kesternich testing simulates acid rain or industrial chemical exposure to evaluate the coating, substrate, or part's relative corrosion resistance.  Parts or panels are placed inside a specially designed chamber and are exposed to SO2  and condensation humidity before being evaluated for resistance to corrosion.

A specific volume of SO2 gas, usually 0.2L, 1L or 2L is introduced into the test chamber, the chamber temperature is increased to a predetermined level and the relative humidity is maintained at condensation levels. After a set period, the chamber is vented and the temperature is allowed to decrease to ambient conditions.

  • SO2/Humidity mode
  • Condensation Humidity mode
  • Air Flushing mode
  • Fully automated electronic gas dosing system
  • Hermetically sealed chamber
  • Automatic air purge function with canopy interlock
  • Pneumatic canopy control
  • Automatic drain and exhaust system
  • User-friendly control system
  • Digital precision temperature control
  • Temperature graphical display
  • Interior viewing window with illumination
  • Ethernet communication port
  • Also available as a table-top version.

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