Prisms are high value for the highest accuracy at close to medium range.


  • Copper coated 25mm prism
  • Tilting holder with center vial
  • Two adapters
  • Plumb bob holder
  • Padded carrying case with a belt-loop


1. Sliding on DM Pole smoothly and fix by Screw clamp tightly
2. High reflecting rate by silver coated prism
3. Un-foggy by silver coating on prism and sealed structure
4. Can be used as corner prism by detouchable adaptor
5. Vorious type of using available with accessories (MP-A)


  • Choice of 2 constants
  • Range of 7,000 ft.
  • ¼" thread
  • Circular bubble
  • Fiber-reinforced polymer holder
  • Includes a 4-section pole-and-point
  • For close-range applications
  • Made of highest quality glass