The accuracy with which a tribrach returns to its starting position once the instrument has stopped, is called torsional rigidity or hysteresis. This hysteresis is the relative movement between the top plate and the base plate of a tribrach that occurs through the rotation of a TPS instrument. The hysteresis has direct influence on the angular accuracy of the instrument – and that speaks for the original. To optimise the hysteresis as Leica Geosystems has done is complex and calls for the highest precision: a movement of the upper plate to the lower plate of 0.3μm corresponds to an angle error of 1”. Especially motorised instruments with their high acceleration and brake power require tribrachs with very high torsional rigidity.

Topcon Tribrach without optical plumet

Topcon Tribrach without optical plumet

The Twist Focus Tribrach without Optical Plummet is a great tool to secure your optical and surveying equipment and to find plumb more accurately.

Torsion-tested and precisely aligned, the Topcon Tribrach meets international standards. Its 5/8" x 11 thread makes it compatible with complementary tools from all the major manufacturers.

On the edge of the topcon Tribrach is an 8-minute circular vial, and three-pronged forced centering on the solid base plate is another feature.

The Topcon Tribrach weighs 1.66 lb (0.75 kg) and can be used in dusty, humid and extreme temperature conditions. The large diameter foot screws can be operated with your gloves on.

a tool that is designed to give you more accurate measurements, in your choice of color (for all-black choose 703-01, for yellow-on-black choose 703-02).

Topcon Tribrach without optical plumet

  • Twist Focus Topcon Tribrach
    (without Optical Plummet)
  • Torsion-Tested for Maximum Rigidity
  • 8-minute Circular Vial, 5/8" x 11 Thread
  • Compatible with Leading Products
  • Three Large Diameter Smooth Footscrews
  • Dust, Humidity and Temperature-Resistant
  • Weighs 1.66 lb (0.75 kg)

  • Topcon Tribrach without optical plumet

  • Twist Focus Topcon Tribrach - Black or Yellow
    (without Optical Plummet)

  • Topcon Tribrach without optical plumet

  • Product Name

    Three JAW Topcon Tribrach Adapter without Optical Plummet for Prisms




    Prism tribrachs adapter


    Packed in a carton

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