Sokkia iX-1000 Series Robotic Total Station


  • Range up to 2,625 feet
  • Rotation speed of 150 degrees per second
  • RC-PR5 remote control handle
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Touchscreen color display
  • IP65 dustproof and water jet resistant
  • Excellent instrument algorithms
  • Ultra-slim body

Sokkia iX-1000 Series Robotic Total Station

The Sokkia iX-1000 Series Robotic Total Station is an accurate hybrid positioning solution which provides measurements up to 19,685 feet (6,000m) when using a prism and up to 2,625 feet (800m) reflectorless. This total station offers the world’s fastest turning speed of 150-degree per second with its UltraSonic direct drive motor, which also contributes to its ultra-slim body.

The Sokkia’s UltraTrac technology and advanced algorithms give this iX-1000 series increased prism-tracking strength in all situation and conditions. Designed with integrated SIM card slot and wireless LAN network devices, this total station provides pre-installed MAGNET Field application allowing direct cloud-based data managing and projects sharing. Moreover, this total station includes RC-PR5 remote control handle which allows surveyors to work from the prism pole using Bluetooth wireless technology.

Displayed remarkably as lightweight, this total station’s compact system is a third smaller and lighter than previous robotic instruments, yet twice as fast. Its IP65-rated tough outline has passed impact, vibration, high temperature and humidity testing that ensures consistent performance in any harsh environments. Comes with a larger and brighter color touch screen and user-friendly interface, the iX-1000 is also backed up by a five-year warranty.

Configuration Options 

The Sokkia iX-1000 series robotic total station comes in three angle accuracies - 1-Second, 3-Second, and 5-Second. Select your preference from the drop-down menu above.

  • 1 Second Total Station
  • 3 Second Total Station
  • 5 Second Total Station



Replaces: Topcon GT & PS Series Robotic Total Stations Item #1012292-10, 213067122, 213067112, 213067102

Sokkia iX-1000 Series Robotic Total Station

  • Choice of 3 accuracies
  • Reflectorless
  • Range up to 2,625 feet
  • Pre-installed remote control handle
  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • Rotation speed of 150 degrees per second
  • RC-PR5 remote control handle
  • Excellent instrument algorithms
  • Reporting features within Magnet Office Tools
  • User-friendly interface
  • Large and bright color touchscreen
  • Water resistant and dustproof to IP65
  • Ultra-slim body
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty
Sokkia iX-1000 Series Robotic Total Station 
  • 2 x Battery BDC70 
  • 2 x Adjusting pin
  • 2 x Carrying strap
  • Charger CDC68 
  • Power cable
  • EDC113B Stylus pen
  • Lens cap
  • Lens hood
  • Tool pouch
  • Screwdriver
  • Lens brush
  • Hexagon wrench
  • Silicon cloth
  • Startup guide
  • USB flash drive
  • Serial card
  • Laser caution sign-board
  • Carrying case
  • Export restrictions card
  • Registration manual
  • Registration card
  • Certification card
  • Encryption card
  • User manual
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty

Available Product Options

  • Accuracy: 1 Second, 3 Second, or 5 Second

Sokkia  iX-1000 Series Robotic Total Station


Weight10.58 lbs (4.8 kg)
Protection ClassIP65 dustproof and water jet resistant
Tripod ThreadN/A
Auto Shut OffN/A
Internal MemoryN/A
Auto-Tracking Speed20 degrees per second
Guide LightN/A

Angle Measurement

Measuring Method/Reading SystemN/A
Detection MethodN/A
Minimum ReadingN/A
Accuracy1 second (1012302-51); 3 second (1012302-52); 5 second (1012302-53)
Diameter of CircleN/A
Display MethodN/A

Distance Measurement

Unit of Measure (distance display)m/ft/inches
EDM Accuracy (Precision)±2mm + 2 ppm

Tilt Sensor/Compensator

Range±6 feet
TypeLiquid 2-axis tilt sensor
Setting AccuracyN/A


Power SourceLithium-ion
Battery LifeUp to 4 hours
Battery Life AlertYes

Optical Plummet

Field of View
Focus Range1.6 feet (0.5 m)


Plate/Tubular Bubble VialN/A
Circular Bubble Vial10 minutes (2 mm)
Electronic LevelN/A


Length of Tube5.6 in (142 mm)
Diameter of Objective Lens (Aperture)1.5 in (38 mm)

Sokkia iX-1000 Series Robotic Total Station

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