The PICODENTOR® HM 500 combines high-end technology with simple operation. The device is designed for excellent instrumented nanoindentation testing and dynamic mechanical analysis. It allows depth-dependent determination of material parameters such as Martens or Vickers hardness and the modulus of penetration.

The HM500’s excellent force and displacement resolution make it possible to analyze coatings in the nanometer range. This provides a level of accuracy usually found only in the very complex – and much more expensive – measuring instruments.

  • Measurement and computation of material parameters according to DIN EN ISO 14577 and ASTM E 2546
  • Determination of numerous plastic and elastic properties such as Vickers hardness, modulus of indentation, and creep
  • Dynamic measurement mode (dynamic mechanical analysis)
  • Suitable for testing solid materials and coatings in the nanometer range, test-force range 0.005 – 500 mN 
  • Modular design allows for easy adaption to your needs
  • Zero-point determined in less than a minute, enabling quick measurements
  • Programmable XY stage with a positioning accuracy of 0.5µm makes measuring on small areas like bond wires possible
  • Samples up to 13 cm tall can be measured
  • High-quality scientific microscope
  • Thermally stable: measures at constant temperatures for several hours
  • Powerful WIN-HCU software for intuitive operation and evaluation 
  • Indenters: Vickers, Berkovich, or carbide ball, as well as special indenters on request.

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