The MMS® Inspection DFT is perfect for all your coating thickness measurement needs. It is rugged, pocket-sized, and uses magnetic induction and eddy current principles to measure coating thickness on ferrous and non-ferrous substrates. When it comes to quality control in a manufacturing process or incoming inspection of samples or batches, this instrument will meet all your requirements. This device is developed by Fischer’s leading coating thickness experts. The MMS® Inspection DFT is water jet and dust resistant with its IP65-compliant housing. Its ergonomic design with a simple and intuitive operating concept is ideal for anyone measuring coating thickness on the go.

  • Coating thickness measurement according to DIN EN ISO 2178 and ASTM D7091 or DIN EN ISO 2360 and ASTM D7091
  • Evaluation according to the following standards: IMO PSPC, SSPC-PA2, ISO 19840, AS 3894.3, and SIS 184160 (gauge versions High)
  • Ideal for use in harsh environments: robust, ergonomic, and easy to use with one hand – even when wearing gloves
  • Dustproof and protected against water jets in accordance with IP65
  • The intuitive user interface makes operation extremely simple: guided navigation through the functions of calibration, measurement, and report generation
  • Direct monitoring of the tolerance limits, indicated by means of lights, sounds, and vibration
  • Automatically rotating display makes reading the measured values easy in any measuring position
  • Automatic base material detection (gauge versions FE+NF)
  • Optional industrial package: 4 pre-configured batch types (applications) especially for coating thickness measurement in industrial settings
  • Optional corrosion package: 6 pre-configured batch types (applications) especially for measuring coating thickness in corrosion protection
  • Storage space for up to 250,000 measured values in 2500 batches (gauge versions ENHANCED and HIGH)
  • USB interface for secure and fast data transfer.

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