Rise Geo offers the Branded Chargers for Land Surveying instruments Battries, Batteries provides a high level of performance, if charged in the correct way. When the batteries are not charged in a proper manner, then it can hinder its performance or even destroy them. Therefore, one must be cautious when charging these batteries. The right way of charging these batteries ensures optimum level of performance and enhances the durability of its operational life. Rise Geo Control Systems Trading LLC supplies good quality fast chargers for Lithium Ion Ni-MH Batteries. We sell chargers of different brands such as Leica, Sokkia, Topcon, Trimble, Nikon, Hi-Target for their various survey equipments like Total Stations, GPSGNSS, Data Controllers, Theodolites and many more. The various models of chargers we supply are SokkiaTopcon models CDC29, CDC40, CDC68D, BC27CR, BC30D, BC65, EDC117, Leica models GKL112, GKL211, GKL22, GKL221, GKL311, GKL341, GEV242, Trimble model BC30D, Nikon model C, Q75E, Hi-Target model CL-10000, TrimbleNikon model N324