Lithium-ion is a type of rechargeable batteries and are dominating in the modern times as a power source in portable electronics. They are considered as one of the vital energy storage technologies. In comparison with the other commonly used batteries, Lithium batteries are considered as high energy density, High Power density, Durable and Environmental friendly because of reduced carbon emission. Hence, it has gained vast scope in the field of consumer electronics. It is also a great power source for our various Surveying Instruments such as the Total Stations, Theodolites, GPS, Data Controllers and many more. Rise Geo Control systems Trading LLC supplies Li-ion batteries for different Sokkia, Topcon models like BDC46, BDC58, BDC70,BDC71, BDC72, BT65Q, BT66Q for Total Station models like Topcon GM, ES, OS, DS, PS Series, GTS-900, GPT-9000 Total Stations, Sokkia CX, FX, SETX, SRX, SX, iM Series Total Stations, Topcon HiPer II, HiPer V, Sokkia GRX1GRX2 GNSS receivers, Topcon FC-250, FC-2600 , Sokkia SHC250, SHC2500 data collectors. Leica Models GEB211, GEB212, GEB221, GEB222, GEB242, GEB331,GEB371 for Leica Flexline Total Stations TS02, TS06, TS09, Pipe Lasers, GNSS Receivers, BLK360 Laser Scanner, Leica Builder100, 200, 300, 400, 500, Leica Piper100, 200 Laser, Trimble, Nikon Models like Nivo990651 for Nikon Nivo C and M series Trimble TS662, TS635, TS862 Total Stations.