Hydrography is the powerful tool to analysis the dept of water level.

Hydrography is the powerful tool to analysis the dept of water level.

1.High-resolution and high-precision

2.multi-beam echo sounder system

3.suitable small vessels ±10° Roll stabilization

4.maximize the usable swath

5.scan backscatter up to 60Hz ping rate

6.256 beams which capable 

1.Direct-reading Acoustic Doppler Current

2.accurate and easy to use current profiling system

3.widely used for monitoring

4.surveying discharge of rivers

5.canal, offshore and other engineering projects


1.compact PC built-in professional portable

2.Echo sounder

3. Boosted by an upgraded sounder platform

4.enhanced hardware

5. HD-Lite provides

6. accuracy and credibility.

1.full-digit echo sounder

2. measurement in hydrology, reconnaissance, fairway, wharf dredge and so on

3.Featuring a 17” large-size screen

4.industrial computer platform

5.preinstalled marine surveying software

6.HD-MAX is designed for efficient

7.High-speed sounding performance

1.iBoat BS3 USV is a swift and intelligent surveying

2.high-performance single beam echo sounder

3.high-precision GNSS positioning  

4.on-board data control and acquisition software

5.range from 0.15m to 300m

6.Besides, ADCP and side-scan sonar

1.New Generation Advanced GNSS RTK Engine

2.The K20 series is Hi-Target’s next-generation multi-GNSS

3. multi-frequency receiver

4. L-Band correction

5.multiple I/O interface

6.versatile data communication