Cable are the most precious accessories which used transferring data

  • Topcon power supply interface to SAE cable
  • 5 pin port for Topcon GPS
  • Topcon Power Cable for Hiper/Legacy/GB/GR-3 to SAE 2-pin connector 5PIN cable
  • Application:This power cable for Topcon GB-500, GB 1000,Topcon Hiper series Topcon GA/GB Topcon GR-3,GR5 Topcon GB-500,GB 1000 and Hiper with the standard SAE 2-pin flat connector
  • length : 0.3M
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  • Cable model: A00401
  • connector:Heavy Duty alligator clips+SAE 2pin plug
  • Length:1.8M
  • cable with weather resistant fuse holder (15 A)
  • Cables fabricated with the highest quality components and are 100% continuity tested

1. Power Cable A00306 for Topcon total station to battery

 2. length : 1.8m ; 

3. color : black ;

 4. weight : (1 cable)200g ;