TOPCON MSP Rapid On-board

  • Stand-alone Windows CE program installed on MS or MS AX robots
  • Ability to monitor multiple targets (prism, sheet, reflectorless) on the same project
  • RAPID 2D Scan (for MS and AX series robotic total stations only)
  • Ability to measure deformation of each point against initial dE, dN and dRL reference data
  • MSP RAPID StarPro Lite data processing


Intuitive yet powerful, lightweight onboard monitoring solution

MSP instrument-based solutions simplify high-level monitoring applications such as checking deformation in bridges, buildings, dams and landslides. The intuitive Windows CE interface makes it easy to get started.

Fully comprehensive customizable monitoring system

MSP RAPID On-Board is the most comprehensive total-station-based solution available. Running locally on our high-end MS and MS AX measuring stations, MSP RAPID On-Board features all the functionality needed to establish a complete monitoring system.

The introductory MSP RAPID Multi-round edition has the capability to monitor up to 10 targets during a single monitoring cycle and to output data as reduced 2D or 3D files.

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