Compared to a traditional Total Station, a Robotic Total Station allows for remote operation and can complete more inspections in less time. As one of the leading suppliers of surveying equipment, we here at Rise Geo Control Systems offer robotic total stations on sale at highly competitive prices. Our selection of Robotic total stations in the UAE features products from brands including Leica, Sokkia, and Topcon, among others. Quality, precision, and reliability are key features of the total stations we have on sales. Aside from providing these robotic total stations at affordable prices, our customers can also avail free shipping to any location across the UAE.

Unlike manual total stations, robotic total stations do not come fitted with any traditional gear or wearing parts. As a result, these are much more durable and can last up to 3-4 times more than their manual counterparts. Whether its Leica or Sokkia, each of the robotic total stations we have on sale are fitted with features to assure the best surveying capabilities for various applications. To learn more about the automatic total stations we have in our collection, send us an inquiry today!