h2Mobile Mapping Systemh2pMobile mapping equipment is extremely helpful in land surveying applications for collecting accurate geospatial data and generating detailed 3D panoramas of any given location. If you are looking to buy mobile mapping systems such as Side Scan Sonars from trusted brands like HI Target, you are at the right place with Rise Geo Control Systems. Aside from delivering products from known and trusted brands at highly competitive prices, our customers can avail free delivery to any location within the UAE. Please browse through our product catalogue to find mobile mapping systems in line with your requirements. To know more about the product themselves or any purchase-related assistance, feel free to send us an inquiry today!p pMobile mapping systems such as side-scan sonars are important pieces of equipment in surveying applications. Widely used in a number of industries such as surveying, construction, agriculture, and forestry, these systems help the surveying team map land features such as buildings and other structures like roads and vegetation accurately. They are primarily used to collect data about where things are located and generate maps accordinglyp