pAt Rise Geo Control Systems, we have on sale some of the best Automatic Surveying Levels available in the UAE market today. From low-priced auto levels suited for construction to advanced digital levels, our selection of automatic levels is sourced from some of the leading brands in the market including Sokkia, Topcon, and Leica, among others. Also termed as dumpy levels, an automatic level is a piece of surveying equipment that is used within construction sites and for general survey tasks. Our automatic level product lineup features levels that guarantee accurate levelling and are easy to set up. Whether it be in terms of performance or in terms of prices, we have a solution for every job. p pAs suggested by its name, these devices are self-levelling and as such are much quicker and easier to set up as compared to manual levelling machines. These are used within construction settings to transfer, measure, and set horizontal levels. Automatic levels are usually set up on tripods and are levelled to the ground with levelling screws. Aside from the obvious quality of our products and the prices at which we offer them, with Rise Geo Control Systems customers can also benefit from our round-the-clock technical support. To know more about the automatic levels in our inventory or to place an order, send us an inquiry today!p